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The Apex Nutrition tools below are free for your personal use! I hope you enjoy them. Then, come again and bring your friends!

Apex Nutrition Blog

Fuel Right Blog!

Kelli brings a Sports Nutrition blog that inspires, encourages, teaches, and interacts with clients and friends while providing sports nutrition and every day eating tips, insights, and recipes. Click Here and Follow the Blog!!

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Apex Nutrition and Summit Runner, LLC have partnered together to offer clients a great deal on comprehensive endurance running coaching! Apex Clients will receive 20% off any Custom Training Program from Summit Runner, LLC. Just let Zach Crandall know you're an Apex client... Click here to visit Summit Runner, LLC

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Kelli's Homebrew Sports Drink Recipe

Kelli's Homebrew Sports Drink Recipe

Whether you're tired of burning through cash paying for drinks and gels, or you've never considered the benefits of training with proper fuel every ride, you can benefit from Kelli's homemade, natural-ingredient sports drink. Click here to download.

Apex Nutrition Auto Analysis
Sports Nutrition Analysis (toggle automated)
Although not customized like your own personal Sports Nutrition Analysis with the Custom Client Plan, the Apex Auto Analysis offers comprehensive feedback on your current nutrition habits for both Training Nutrition, Daily Nutrition, and Supplements. Try it and see if you're on the right track, or if you need a little more help. Aboslutely Free.Click Here and Let the Analysis Begin!

Apex Nutrition Calculators
Nutrition Calculators designed by Kelli, RD - Calculate Calorie Output and Calorie Needs for Maintenance & Fat Loss
You'll find a calculator for your Daily and Training Calorie Output, and Calorie Needs for Maintenance and Fat Loss - designed by Kelli RD based on hundreds of calculations on clients.Click here to check 'em out.

Apex Sports Nutrition Articles Sports Nutrition Articles by Kelli, RD - calculate BMI, Calorie Output, and Calorie Needs Free Reports & Articles by Kelli, RD on Hydration, Training Fuel, Daily Fuel and more! New articles routinely added, so keep comin' back!
Everyday vs. Training Nutrition
Hydration Report - Why Not Just Water?

Apex Nutrition Pep-Talk
Originially recorded for Kelli's TeamPrepUSA prep running clients, it serves as good motivation for any athlete who needs a pep-talk to start or continue healthy eating every day and optimal sports nutrition!

Kelli's Favorite Nutrition Links Kelli's Favorite Resources & Links
The 'ol World Wide Web is a great place to find information on sports nutrition, healthy eating, recipes, athletes, sports, and more! Here's some of Kelli's favorites:

Team Prep USAAmazing High Elevation Training, Camps, and Coaching for Prep Athletes
Loving the BikeAwesome, fun, and relevant blog on cycling!
Steep Climbs Cycling Blog by Aaron West
Wild Snow (Lou Dawson)
Smileys Project - 50 Classic Climbs of North America
Sari Anderson's Site - Champion Endurance Athlete & Mom
Consumer Lab - best independent source for supplement information
All Recipes - Endless source of recipes, with reviews!
NutritionData - Nutrition Information on hundreds of thousands of foods - including Glycemic Load & Inflammtion Factor
Weight Loss Mirror - for weight loss motivation, see how you'd look at your goal weight!

Apex Nutrition Testimonials Apex Nutrition Testimonials
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